Microsoft maakt Office 2019 beschikbaar voor Windows 10 en macOS

Microsoft heeft Office 2019 beschikbaar gemaakt voor zowel Windows als macOS. De opvolger van Office 2016 krijgt na release geen nieuwe functionaliteit. Microsoft brengt alleen beveiligingsupdates uit.

Updates for MacOS are no longer in the Mac app store, here’s where to find them

Updates for macOS are no longer in the Mac App Store as of macOS Mojave; they’ve moved to System Preferences, in the new Software Update panel.
There’s a ton to love about macOS Mojave, which came out Monday, but there are a few changes that might be confusing at first. There’s a recent programs section on the dock, for example, and updates to macOS itself are no longer found in the Mac App Store.
Instead they’re found in the “Software Update” panel in System Preferences.

Starting in 2020, businesses will have to pay Microsoft for Windows 7 security updates

Microsoft doesn't want people clinging to Windows 7 the way they did with Windows XP, and it has tried numerous tactics to get people to upgrade to Windows 10. It even made Windows 10 available as a free upgrade for the first year. The freebie offer has long since expired, and for businesses that decide to stick with Windows 7 once support ends in 2020, Microsoft will charge a fee to continue receiving security updates.