Software news

Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge browser on Chrome

Microsoft is announcing some significant changes to its Edge browser today. The software giant is beginning to rebuild Microsoft Edge to run on Chromium, the same open-source web rendering engine that powers Google’s Chrome browser. This means Edge will soon be powered by Blink and the V8 JavaScript engines. It’s a big move that means Microsoft is joining the open-source community in a much bigger way for the web.

BitLocker on self-encrypted SSDs blown; Microsoft advises you switch to software protection

Reacting to a recently discovered security hole in hardware-based encryption in solid state drives, Microsoft recommends that if you’re using BitLocker to protect a solid-state drive, you switch from hardware to software encryption.

Updates for MacOS are no longer in the Mac app store, here’s where to find them

Updates for macOS are no longer in the Mac App Store as of macOS Mojave; they’ve moved to System Preferences, in the new Software Update panel.
There’s a ton to love about macOS Mojave, which came out Monday, but there are a few changes that might be confusing at first. There’s a recent programs section on the dock, for example, and updates to macOS itself are no longer found in the Mac App Store.
Instead they’re found in the “Software Update” panel in System Preferences.